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Learn About The String Instruments!

We have FOUR instruments for you to choose from!  Every instrument in the string family has 4 strings, is made of wood, and uses a wooden bow.  Learn more below! 


The highest, smallest, and most recognized member of the string family. Held under the chin. Check out Hilary Hahn, Lindsey Sterling, and Mariachi Vargas for more!


Looks like and is played like a violin, but it is a little bigger and has a lower, more mellow sound. Check out Black Violin and Kim Kashkashian for more!


The tenor voice of the string family, held between the knees and supported by a long pin. Check out Yo-Yo Ma, 2Cellos and The Piano Guys for more!


The largest and the lowest instrument in the string family. Considered the "foundation" of the orchestra. Check Out Edgar Meyer and Simply Three for more!

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